Why Use This Site Instead Of Zillow

Dated: 04/29/2015

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One thing that many consumers are not aware of is the big fight going on between Realtors, MLS' and the major listing portals Zillow and Trulia. 

I know way more about this subject than I am going to bore you with. But essentially it has to do with what happened when Zillow bought Trulia, and when Ruppert Murdock bought Move, the company that runs Realtor.com

Move had a company that provided Trulia and Zillow with syndicated data from the MLS in the country. But they decided to stop sending the data out. 

So at this time, the best place to get accurate property for sale data is on a site such as this one that doesn't need a syndication feed. The data on my site is real time. 

If you don't like this site, then my recommendation would be to use Realtor.com for the time being, because many houses for sale are not currently on Zillow or Trulia. 

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