Monthly Stats - Spring is Springing

Dated: 03/07/2018

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It feels like the statistics are starting to tell a new story.  Prices ar continuing to climb. And the average sales price to list price stays very constant in the Rogue Valley at 98% or so of asking price. But that is of final asking price, not taking into account sellers dropping their prices.  The trend I find fascinating this quarter is that the trend of sales price to ORIGINAL list price is declining (see graph). This says to me that maybe the market is slowing down.  While prices are still going up, the frenzy to pay "whatever" is being asked is not following suit.

  • More houses are on the market there there were at this time last year.
  • Pending Sales Are Up
  • Average Days on the Market are Up
  • Original List Price to Sales Price is Down
  • Available Homes Per Buyer is Up
  • Month's Supply of Inventory is Down
  • Housing Affordability Is Down.

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