Smoke 'em if you got 'em

Dated: 08/14/2018

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I walked by a guy smoking a cigarette the other day. He was getting some smoke with his smoke.  And I thought....maybe I should take up smoking. At least that guy was getting nicotine. 

For those who aren't in the area at this time, we are having some pretty bad air quality due to the wildfires we are surrounded by. Some days are better than others...but there hasn't been a great day for awhile, and it is not over yet. 

So you might wonder if the smoke is causing any issues with the real estate market. And my feeling is absolutely.  People are staying indoors and not wanting to go out and look at houses. Other people are postponing their trips here to look until the smoke clears.  

I have a feeling that the first clear day will be like the first warm day in Spring...and the floodgates will open. Everyone who has been hibernating out of the smoke will just want to be outside doing anything....and that includes looking at houses. 

Until is just gonna be slow.  Might be a good time to make a deal with a seller who is anxious to move to somewhere with cleaner air. If anyone knows where that is. It doesn't appear to be Oregon right at this moment. 

AirNow Smoke August 14, 2018

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